The Pure Spiritual Science
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5. The real perfect and absolute knowledge come from Krsna, God. 29. The practical techniques to get rid of karma and reincarnation
5. Krishna is the original name of God, the Supreme Being in his primary spiritual figure. 41. The ultimate benefit: love for God
5. The real purpose of life 41. To die means to forget own previous life
7. The mind plays a key role in human error. 45. The war, the karma and the animal holocaust
7. "The consciousness of God." 46. Who kills will be killed.
7. Why did God create the material universe? 47. The fate that awaits those who kill animals.
8. Who are we, and where do we come from? 48. How to approach God
8. Why are we subject to suffering? 49. Avatars
9. Where shall we go after death? 53. The excellences of Krishna
9. What is the ultimate purpose of existence? 84. Abortion in terms of Vedic scriptures
13. The mystery of consciousness 85. What is original sin?
15. The soul first is of human form 91. Why the Lord has created a temporary world where there is suffering?
17. How to detect the presence of the spiritual soul? 98. Whoever wishes to purify himself must first purify his conscience.
18. The reflection of our desires. 101. The moment to leave his body.
19. The Ignorance of reincarnation is dangerous 103. Our thoughts at the moment of death determine our future birth or existence.
22. Karma and reincarnation 104. Why should the death penalty be imposed on criminals?
24. Ghosts and suicides 130. Why shouldn't we have an abortion?
25. Fighting against suicide 146. Reincarnation is a reality, these six writings prove it.
26. The suicide may take a ghost body after death 149. This is what happens to the spiritual entity, the soul, at the time of death and after.
27. Without spirituality society is suicidal 156. Our thoughts, words and actions cause effects and therefore consequences, good or bad.
27. Change the body, the maya reflections (material nature) 163. What we have done will be done to we.




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