God To His Messenger
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God To His Messenger


During his teaching, THE BEING OF LIGHT (CHRIST) revealed a considerable amount of
celestial mysteries, hitherto hidden from men, among which the ultimate truth.
You are naked before the sky, what you hide, what is hidden, all is discovered.
This sentence is not only profound meaning and truth, but it reveals an underlying, unknown
mystery man, and highlights a warning.
The nudity in this case is actually an image, to raise awareness to the man, he has a spiritual
origin and that being so, there is nothing that a spiritual entity, after the Supreme divine
source (God) and that life which was given from the divine principle that God is sole owner.
On the spiritual plane, the body is of minor importance, because it is neither more nor less
than a car, or clothing
As you wish, allowing the spiritual entity of moving
In the material universe-bit or she is. As such, the carnal envelope is never an obstacle, a
screen behind which the spiritual entity could hide and cover up his actions and that it would
isolate or hide in the spiritual sphere, and to be more precise in the celestial world and those in
She likes it or not, the spiritual entity is linked to the spiritual world, as true as it has long
forgotten this truth, she is following, and hopes to return. The land is part of the material
universe-binary, which is itself a component part and parcel of the infinite heavenly kingdom.
If the man is actually a trilogy in terms of its composition, as I've indicated in my previous
book, (GOD, revelations of the insider track 13) its spiritual essence was created
For the being of light in his image, that is to say that its essence has been caused by the
Supreme Being, identical to his.
To better penetrate the exact meaning of the sentence of the being of light, it is important to
place the entity in its spiritual context, in its true environment, highlighting the sphere in
which it operates, namely land and who is not his own, against the spiritual universe from
which it emerged.
You know now my friends, the Supreme Being is by his divine essence, EVERYTHING, the
container and the contents of ANY.
By everything, I mean, everything that exists, different spiritual worlds, the material universe-
bit, what they contain, the heavenly spiritual beings, spiritual entities, animals, plants etc. . ...,
are all inside and integral component of GOD.
They all have their own contexts, and depending on the service they should go, but with the
primacy of celestial beings and spiritual beings, benefited the circumstances, evidence or
specific germs, from God himself, since he is the creator god, the creative source, giving
everyone a role and specific, explaining their existence, and that place is within the Supreme
Being, and gives them a place choice.
Therefore, the being of light, the principle, the creative word said:
I am EVERYTHING. Everything comes from ME, EVERYTHING came to ME.
Also, given what I just said, we understand much better why man, eminently spiritual entity,
and evolving on the planet earth, which belongs to the material universe-binary, which is
itself part integral to the heavenly kingdom, it can essentially be derived from the fountain
and invigorating swim in the fact of divine emanation of the Supreme Being.




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