Giving The Keys Of Truth
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Giving The Keys Of Truth


question posed by Pontius Pilate, Christ remains silent. Yet a few moments ago, if the first
named was assumed attention, the being of light had answered this question in these words.
I came into the world to bear witness to the truth.
Now we must make it clear to Pilate as most men of this generation is, and that the rest of today,
listen, receive, hear but not understand the divine word, and n ' to grasp the meaning.
The words of Christ quoted above, are yet clear.
Throughout his earthly teaching, then he's still among men, the being of light has often put the
emphasis on truth, so that the human being so the reign of darkness of this world to know ossified in
which he was imprisoned, and enters the world of light, in the reign of God and thus become aware
of new data on what is true and real.
From the moment we know nothing about the existence of that which consists of its origins, its
primary source, we are right of course, we ask the same question that Pilate.
What is truth?
In response, the man and it is essential to have an open mind and be receptive. It is imperative to
reject his sufficiency, his pride, his vanity, which are all obstacles for development and spiritual
progress, but mostly he wants to increase his knowledge, to exhibit humility and wisdom . It must
finally admit that his knowledge of spiritual information and specifically those specific to the
existence in all its forms and components, are unknown to him.
Only then can come close. The man knows the truth very little because of his blindness, his
confinement in the field, and his refusal to leave. Christ has striven to prove it, using it for
unpublished works and disseminating new words and saving as highlighting a depth never reached.
The BEING OF LIGHT, and God had said to the prophets, is the good shepherd not only men but also
sheep not of this fold, (hear the man living on earth) as had been specified Christ, that is to say those
who were still trapped in hell. (What are these, that Christ designated as living in another barn) The
two herds will become one, and know the truth.
But what is truth?
The quality of what is consistent, this is true, accurate, real. This is the principle and source of any
axiom determining and demonstrating compliance with any knowledge of reality. The truth at last, is
the affirmation of what really exists.
If one accepts that truth is the whole and it is, man remains in material terms binary, do know a tiny
component as the most important, the larger is in the spiritual sky which he knows nothing.




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