The Science of God, or Science of Salvation
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4. In the beginning there was only God. 65. The lie that arises from ignorance of the existential truth is the cause ofman's misguidance.
6. The visible proofs of the existence of God. 66. What is original sin?.
8. He who knows God, knows the Absolute Truth at the same time. 66. What is the secret to spiritual success?.
8. God is truly a marvelous Being, of boundless love, goodness and mercy. His manifold beauty fascinates. 67. What is real knowledge?.
9. To do God's will is to take pleasure in serving him with love and devotion. 68. How can we free ourselves from all the suffering born of contact with matter?.
9. We all long for spiritual liberation, for salvation, but what exactly is it?. 69. No one can know God if he.
10. What do we mean by love?. 70. The drought and the other plagues.
10. Man is blind and deaf, and ignores it. But spiritually speaking, what does this mean?. 71. The four distinct groups of disbelievers.
15. To walk with God is to be immersed in eternal life. 73. God gives to the one who does not have, and to the one who has an evil spirit, He takes everything back.
16. Food offered to Krishna, protects us from all viruses and other forms of contamination. 74. God is not, in truth, an impersonal, i.e. formless, Supreme Spiritual Being, as the impersonalistic liars claim  
17. What does it mean to. 75. Jesus was a vegetarian, he practiced spiritual vegetarianism, that is: not eatingmeat, fish and eggs.
17. God does not need anything, for He is sufficient unto Himself 77. Do you know that data relating to karma and reincarnation were removed from Christian dogma by order of Emperor Justinian?.
18. In truth, we are not of this world. 78. God asks us to love all terrestrial and aquatic animals as well as all plants in their diversity, because they deserve our protection.
19. These two philosophies lead men to perdition. 79. Our only duty is to satisfy God, the Supreme Person.
20. The duty of parents. 79. The consumption of animal flesh causes diseases, defiles man and plunges him into sin.
20. Reincarnation is a reality. Here is the evidence, it is all around us.Some bodies bear the signs of it. 80. Who is God, the Supreme and Sovereign Person?.
62. God, the Supreme Person, manifests himself in innumerable forms, which,although diverse and multiple, are all One and the same Being, the Eternal Supreme. 81. The evolutionary cycle of species.
63. Words of wisdom.. 84. Why does God, the Supreme Person, let the wicked destroy the righteous?.
63. No one can access absolute truth if he does not know who God is. 88. Real and absolute good and evil, their true definition.
64. The radiance which emanates from the body of Krishna, contains all that exists. 89. Why does Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, allow massacres to take place?.




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