The Words of God
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The Words of God

The Sublime teaching of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person.

[New version of “The Words of God”. The knowledge from the Lord’s teaching is sublime, fresh, pure and alive. It is known and diffused on all the planets of all the galaxies of the material cosmos.

I have added new determining chapters, further expanding the teaching of the Lord which I transmit as is, without any deviation. The Word of God will never disappear]

Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, is the original source of knowledge and absolute knowledge.

The Vedas, knowledge, original knowledge, original holy scriptures Also called The true gospel, were not written by a being of this material world. In truth, no one can go back to the origin of the Vedas.

Of course, the chronological history of the material cosmos and of the innumerable galaxies which float there remains unknown to the current civilization, which cannot present any historical fact prior to 3,000 years. No one has been able to determine when the Vedas were written, for the simple reason that they did not come from a being belonging to the material world. All other forms of knowledge are imperfect, for they come from men or mortal celestial beings, who proceed from material creation.

In truth, The Vedas and all spiritual teaching proceeds from Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, the original source of all that exists

Divine knowledge received from the very lips of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Spiritual Master, the Supreme Teacher.

Who is fortunate enough to collect this sublime knowledge in a spirit of faithfulness, without introducing any personal interpretation, will acquire a knowledge superior to that which one could obtain by studying all the holy scriptures, all the sacred texts of the world. The teaching of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person contains not only the message of all other revealed writings, but also information that cannot be found anywhere else. Hence its exceptional character. The knowledge that the Lord gives us is the perfection of the science of God, because it was directly stated by Lord Krishna Himself, who came to our planet to guide all human beings without exception.





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