The Spiritual World
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The Spiritual World

The spiritual world is actually an antimatter universe.

Excerpts from the Gita, "Song of the Lord", the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Brahma Samhita and Puranas, the holy original writings, the oldest. Vyasadeva: the Avatar who compiled all the Vedic scriptures, there are more than 5,000 years, is one of seven major philosophers of India and the greatest philosopher of all time.

The Lord has neither past nor present, nor future, because it is in no way limited by the influence of eternal time, which is one of its energies. He is nothing secret.

Sri Krishna is the one who even stated the Bhagavad-gita, and emphasized the unique quality of His Kingdom. It teaches us that the death of Brahma, the demiurge of the material world, all the planets in the material universe is annihilated. The beings who have not for the spiritual path then remain in an unmanifested state - then, after a certain time, when the universe is manifested again, they take a material body.

Thus there are two kinds of annihilation of the material world: one part is located at the end of each day of Brahma (4,320,000 years x 1,000); the higher planets like Brahmaloka, are not affected each other, total, is held at the end of Brahma's life; then the entire cosmic manifestation is absorbed in the body of antimatter, where the material elements emanate, manifest, and where they are absorbed after their destruction. In contrast, the spiritual world far beyond the material world, is never annihilated, this world is never subject to destruction.

Beyond this material world in which we live there are another. eternal world, beyond the two states, manifested and unmanifested matter, which never perishes. When everything in the material world is dissolved, it remains intact. Supreme world that never emptied. When everything in the material world is annihilated, it remains intact. They say the unmanifest and imperishable, that supreme kingdom, the ultimate goal of life, for whom reached, it is not returned to the material universe. This world is the absolute abode of God. The material universe, temporary or fictitious, is a distorted reflection of the spiritual world, eternal reality. The spiritual world or kingdom of God is not illuminated by the sun nor the moon nor the electric force. All the planets of the world radiate their own light, while in the material universe, the sun alone has that power. Diversity is also there, but steeped in spiritual bliss. Nothing there is material. Only reigns spiritual energy.

The spiritual world is home as in the material world the planets, but they are spiritual. As we have seen the spiritual entity that inhabits the body of being is eternal, then it searches thereby a place that is eternal and where she enjoys happiness. We name the planets of the spiritual world called Vaikuntha, which means a place where all the people who inhabit are free from anxiety. It does not matter for them to take birth, being sick, grow old and die, as in the material world are the real evils. Knowing these miseries, they are bathed in anxiety.

All the inhabitants of the spiritual world resemble the supreme being and are absorbed serve Him without any desire for sensory satisfaction, as they are filled by the exchange of love with this supreme being. This spiritual realm can not be perceived by the description given to them Vedas, the scriptures. Indeed, it is not possible to see this kingdom. As in the material world, it will be very difficult for a person without the means to physically go to a faraway place, to know without consulting authentic books. It is the same with the spiritual world. We must therefore rely on the Writings like the Gita and Bhagavatam that are part of the Vedas. It is not possible for modern scientists who want to travel into space to visit distant planets of the earth. This makes it impossible to go beyond the material universe to enter the spiritual world. Then they must accept to know the spiritual world the authentic descriptions that give the Vedas.




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