God - The Revelation Of The 13th Way's Insider
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God, The Revelation Of The 13th Way's Insider


You speak about the eternal, but you don't know him.

Am I God at hand. Am I not God too far?
Someone will be there in a hidden place, without I see him?
Don't I fill the heavens and the earth?

Who do you compare God?
Who fathomed the spirit of the ETERNAL and who informed his advice?
With who did he intentionally receive instruction?
Who taught him the path of justice?
Who taught him wisdom and made him know the path of understanding?
Who do you compare me, so that I look like him?
Request the ETERNAL?
I the ETERNAL, the first and the same even to the last ages.
Who do you compare me to do my equal?
Who will you make me look like for us to be like?
It is I who am the first, but also I am the last.
Whoever wants to be boasted, boast, of having the intelligence and know me
Knowing I am the ETERNAL.
I, who exercise kindness, law and justice on earth, for these I delight.




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