Getting To Know God
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2. Golden Axioms and precepts 106. “What signs do you recognize an avatar?”
2. Krishna is God, the Supreme Person, the Sovereign Lord 119. The coming Avatar
25. Krishna, the Supreme Eternal is wonderful. He, and He alone is God, the Supreme Person in his personal, real, original, primordial form 121. Lord Krishna appears as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Golden Avatar, to spread the most sublime messages, the collective song of the holy names of the Lord, the devotional service offered to his own Person and the love for God
25. Krishna, The Holy Divine Name of God, the Supreme Eternal 126. The future appearances of Krishna, God, in the guise of Visnu
45. Krishna is fluent in all languages 127. The administration of the universe
48. The entertainment of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person 129. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, as He really is
50. Lord Krishna's entertainment being innumerable, here is a summary description as it was 5,000 years ago 129. The first Name of God and the most powerful of all is Krishna, which means “The infinitely fascinating”
51. Lord Krishna appears 136. The glories of Lord Krishna being infinite, here are some of them
54. The wonderful childhood of the Lord 140. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person says
56. The Lord raises Govardhana Hill 141. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, the Absolute One without a second, is everywhere
59. Lord Krishna swallows the forest fire 144. The forms of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person are infinite
59. The Lord Krishna shows his beauty, wealth, and boundless power by marrying 16,108 queens and simultaneously multiplying himself into so many divine spouses 153. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, is the Absolute Truth
65. Krishna chooses to appear for his pure devotees, to play the role of child with Mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja, and to delight the inhabitants of Dvaraka 155. The excellences of Krishna, God
68. Krishna has a city built on the sea 156. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person says
71. The Lord is in the midst of the kuruksetra battle that He organized to destroy the demonic miscreants including kings and their accomplices. For this, he played the role of driver of Arjuna's tank 158. Lord Chaitanya, the Golden Avatar says about Krishna
75. Spiritual instructions given by Krishna to his father Vasudeva and the return to life of the six sons of Devaki 162. When God comes in the midst of men and plays the role of a King, He teaches by example to other monarchs how to reign
79. Appearance and disappearance of Lord Krishna 163. Meaning of the Name “Krishna”
80. Lord Chaitanya, the golden avatar says 163. The sublime opulence of Lord Krishna
81. The Disappearance of Lord Krishna, God, the Supreme Person of the earth 166. The Counsel of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person
92. The true Trinity, the three aspects or supreme realizations of God 167. This is how we must pray and glorify God
93. The Lord reveals himself to us 170. Let us renew the bond that unites us to God
96. The Impersonal Supreme Being 173. The promised land
99. The Supreme Soul also called Holy Spirit 173. The kingdom of God is the true promised land, the only one
102. The three purely spiritual aspects of Krishna 174. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person says
102. The Supreme Avatars 175. To those who want to achieve perfection, the Supreme Person says
103. Krishna, the Supreme Eternal says




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