The right qualities, the right attitude, the ideal behavior
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The good qualities, the right attitude, the ideal behavior, those of purity that man must acquire and manifest permanently.


2. Lord Krishna recommends that we live according to his teaching.
17. The purpose and raison d'être of human life.
18. Human life, divided into stages, must be devoted to spiritual development.
20. The three forms of destiny.
21. Attributes of the pure devotee of God.
22. Lord Krishna says.
29. The highest spiritual perfection.
31. God orders us not to harm anyone.
34. Justice as it should be.
41. Let’s embrace spiritual vegetarianism...
43. True protection comes from God alone.
44. Why did God create the four social divisions and the four spiritual orders?.
48. True knowledge is spiritual, absolute, eternal, it will never disappear.
51. The devotional service offered to God.
56. True relationships are those that take place at the soul level
57. In the kingdom of God, every word is a song, and every step is a dance.
58. God asks us to make the right choice.
61. The true resurrection, the true promised land, the exchange of love with God, and the magnificence of the spiritual world.
67. What can be done to make global warming disappear, and that the cataclysms do not run wild anymore? 
69. The right way, the one that allows us to access eternal life.
72. Let us now stop dominating the material nature, if we no longer want to reincarnate perpetually.
76. How to become conscious of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person?.
80. God is the ultimate goal of existence, so let's go and find him in his kingdom...




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