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In making this site, I reveal to men what God has taught me, thus highlighting what He has said:
What I reveal to you in secret, say it aloud.

I thus realize the word of Jesus: You will all be taught of God.

Jesus adds: Truly, blessed are those who have heard the word of the Father and kept it.

What is the truth?

The existential and absolute truth is not the one we know in the material universe, because it does not conform to reality. In truth, the material cosmos is the denatured reflection of the real world, the spiritual world.

Truth is conformity and accessibility to reality as it really is. Knowledge and teaching are reality.

Absolute truth is both the container and the content of the whole, of all that exists, of the spiritual world and of the material cosmos combined. It is the source and foundation of the entire existence. It is infinite, absolute, and all of knowledge, bliss and eternity. It is the only reality, and the supreme perfection.

Krishna is the personified Absolute Truth, the Original Supreme Lord, and the eternal form of knowledge and bliss in their fullness. It is the absolute truth that no other truth surpasses or even equals.

Krishna says, “No truth is superior to me. Everything rests in me, like pearls on a thread.”

Read the book “Getting To Know God”, and you will know everything about him. He who knows Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead as He really is, at the same time knows the absolute truth, and has nothing to learn. In fact he knows everything. The truth is in all my books.

Let us discover the absolute truth as it is.

My dearest desire is to bring human beings to know this new sublime knowledge, which will allow them to know the true word of God, to discover the absolute truth as it is, to correct false interpretations of the word of God, to finally penetrate the existential truth, to discover God as He never was, and to put them back on the right path, that of the pure transcendental light which leads to Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, in his sublime Personal, Primordial, Original, Infinite and Absolute form.

He is the pure light, the Absolute Truth, the Absolute Existence, the Absolute Consciousness, the Absolute Bliss, the Sovereign Purifier and the Eternal Life. He is the Unique Absolute without a second, because he is the only true God. He is the Summum Bonum, the Supreme Good, the Sovereign Goodness, the Ultimate Importance and the Final Goal, for we must all return to Him, to His eternal kingdom. He is the one above whom there is no one, whom no one surpasses or even equals. He is the source of perfect purity, absolute perfection and unlimited wisdom, and therefore in essence all of integral knowledge, infinite perfect bliss, reality and eternity.

He is omnipresent, he is everywhere. He is omnipotent, He is Almighty. He is omniscient, He knows everything. He is immutable, He does not change, and remains eternally young. He is the original source of all the plenary emanations of his Divine Person, and of all the Avatars.

The entire cosmic manifestation rests in Him, neither it nor beings are separated from His Divine Person.

God, the One, Sovereign Person, has an infinite number of Names, but Krishna is the first of them and the most powerful of all, because the Lord has invested him with power. Krishna is the original Name of God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in his primordial spiritual form. This sublime spiritual Name means “the infinitely fascinating”, “the one who fascinates infinitely”.

Krishna is God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, in His Primordial, Original, Infinite and Absolute form. He is the Absolute Truth, the source of perfect purity, sublime bliss, absolute perfection, and unlimited wisdom. Apart from Him there is nothing.

He is beauty in its absolute perfection, which nothing and no one can surpass or even equal. He is the unborn, and the eternal reservoir from which all beauty emanates. This is why it is said of the Lord “that He is the beauty which penetrates All”.

Lord Krishna says: “I remain unborn, and my spiritual and absolute body never deteriorates. I am the Lord of all beings.”

Krishna, God, the Supreme Person is the first and last of all spiritual beings, because the latter, of which each of us is, are tiny fragments, integral parts of his divine person. Krishna is the only Living Being there is, the One Absolute without a second, and apart from Him there is no one else. Apart from Him there is nothing.

He is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the original source and sustainer of All That Exists, and of course of the entire cosmic manifestation. He is the cause of all causes, Everything emanates from Him. He is the infinite and absolute existence, the container and content of the All.

He is the Primordial Supreme Person who was before creation when absolutely nothing existed other than Himself. The cause of creation, the material nature, was not yet manifested.

Before the creation of the material cosmic manifestation He alone exists with His own spiritual powers, to the exclusion of all gross, subtle or causal phenomena. Consciousness is not yet manifested, and after creation, He alone lives in all things. When the time comes for annihilation or “end of the world”, the end of the existence of the entire galaxy, He alone remains and remains forever.

How can we be sure we never get lost?

Before we go in the right direction, let’s ask the right questions. Where do we want to go, and why?

Of the two paths that present themselves to us at a crossroads, one leads to ignorance, perdition and suffering, and the other leads to pure light, to Krishna, God, the Sovereign Person, to happiness and eternal life, in the infinite and absolute kingdom of the Lord.

God tells us: “Where is the path that leads to the indwelling of light?

Move away from your mouth the falsehood, away from your lips the detours. Let your eyes look in front, and let your eyelids go before you. Consider the path through which you pass, and let all your ways be well adjusted. Do not tilt right or left, and turn your foot away from evil”.

And whether you go to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a word behind you saying: “this is the way, walk there”.

To walk the safe path that leads to Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we must absolutely live according to His teaching, put the Lord in our mind and heart, surrender to Him and serve Him with love and devotion. Above all, we must not listen to or associate with ignorant, lying, and blind atheistic materialists, for they do not know where they are going. They go straight into a chasm and drag us with them into darkness and perdition.

Then we will walk with God, and we can never lose ourselves again.

The wonderful revelations that man was waiting for.

Krishna is the Supreme Spiritual Master, the Supreme Teacher.

The sublime knowledge taught to us by Krishna, God, the Supreme Person Himself, possesses in its essence the purity of the Absolute Truth. This word of the Lord is pure, saving, living and eternal, it will never disappear. It is the heavenly food and the divine beverage that gives life. It spreads divine knowledge that opens the mind to absolute truth, and reveals God as He really is.

Who has the chance, by the grace of God, to receive this luminous science, acquires a higher knowledge. Lord Krishna’s teaching contains not only the message of all the other writings revealed, but also data not found anywhere else, hence its uniqueness.

This sublime knowledge allows us to know everything about Krishna, God, the Supreme Person in his primordial, Original form, to discover the absolute truth, the data relating to the hidden knowledge and mysteries, the secret teaching of the Lord, and get all the answers to the existential questions we ask ourselves.

The Lord is so kind that He comes personally to this material world to instruct and guide the lost souls that we are all, on how to act in accordance with His word and His will to return to the spiritual world, our original home, where we shall enjoy eternal life, all knowledge, bliss and absolute peace.

The Lord says: The man of the first order is the one who finds in Me his refuge, in the most total abandonment, and who, renouncing any form of material occupation, lives according to My teaching.

Truly, we are all eternal spiritual souls. This is our true spiritual identity.

Each of us is, indeed, an eternal spiritual soul incarnated in a human body, to which we identify wrongly. We are not the body of matter, but the soul that resides there. The soul is the vital force through which the body lives and develops. Let the soul leave the body, and the body becomes inert, dead.

In truth, the individual and distinct spiritual souls of God that each of us is, are spiritual atoms called also spiritual sparks, tiny eternal fragments, tiny eternal parcels, integral parts of Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, infinitesimal components of his divine person. That is why we must absolutely regain the natural position of eternal servants of Krishna, which we occupied with Him at the beginning of all things.

Lord Krishna recommends that we live according to His teaching, surrender to Him, and serve Him with love and devotion. We will then see all our sufferings disappear, better, they will never return, because we will enter the kingdom of God, never to return to the material universe.

Krishna, God, says to this effect: “When they have reached me, the holy beings imbued with devotion, these noble souls, having thus risen to the highest perfection, never again return to this ephemeral world where suffering reigns”.

In truth, it is the thoughts and memories of the incarnate soul at the moment of death, at the moment of leaving its body, that determine its future condition. Indeed, depending on the thoughts, words, acts and memories we have issued throughout our life, we will reincarnate in a human body, in that of an terrestrial or aquatic animal, or in that of a plant. Such is the law of karma, law of action-reaction or law of cause and effect.

Yes, if there is indeed a soul in all human bodies, regardless of colour, form and sex, there is also a soul in all the bodies of terrestrial and aquatic animals, and in that of all plants, from the blade of grass to the great tree.

That is why God forbid us to kill terrestrial and aquatic animals, and to eat their flesh. But it also forbids us to destroy plants, among which trees, because the latter shelter many living beings (monkeys, caterpillars, ants, butterflies, flies, bees, birds, etc). So we have to look after them and protect them all.

The whole earth is one nation, and all human beings one people.

In truth, God willed, from creation, that the whole earth be one and the same nation, without internal borders, and that all human beings without exception, be one people. That was the case 5,000 years ago. Peace and harmony prevailed throughout the world.

At that time the emperor ruled the whole earth and ruled under the authority of Lord Krishna, God, the Sovereign Person, of which he was a true devotee.

Like all monarchs and heads of state, it has a duty to watch over its people, and to protect all its citizens, whatever they may be. Are considered citizens of a state, all human beings without exception, but also all terrestrial and aquatic animals, as well as all plants, from grass blade to large tree. It ensures that no one harms the life and integrity of all citizens, humans, animals and plants.

It is his duty to see that the principles of spirituality are established throughout his empire, that the principles of irreligion are rejected, and severely punish all human beings who harm other living beings, humans, terrestrial and aquatic animals, and plants.

When the nation is governed by spiritual principles, the consciousness of God then naturally spreads everywhere, for the good of all living beings, humans, animals and plants. Peace and harmony then reign throughout the empire. Such is the perfection of existence.

Chance does not exist, because Everything has an origin.

In truth, God is the cause of all causes, the origin of all origins, All emanates from Him. Nothing is by chance, for everything has been imagined, conceived and brought into existence by God.

Lord Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says to this effect, “There is really nothing that exists outside of Me, that is what you must clearly understand. I am the source of all that is.

I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead who was before creation, when there was nothing but myself with my own spiritual powers, to the exclusion of any gross, subtle or causal phenomenon. The cause of creation, material nature, and consciousness were not yet manifested. Nothing is separate from my Person. The whole cosmic manifestation rests within me. Before creation I already existed. The whole universe, by a simple spark of my Person, I penetrate it and support it. The material nature acts under my direction.

After creation I alone live in all things, and come the time of annihilation (of the end of the world), I alone remain forever.

I want you to know this, never, in any place, under any circumstances, we cannot be separated, for I am everywhere present.”

God rules the world, not man.

Contrary to common misconceptions and false data, man controls and controls almost nothing in this world. Whether he wants it or not, he will have to, as a spiritual soul, be born into a man’s body rather than a woman’s, or vice versa, grow old and/or fall ill. Without expecting or asking for them, he will see the joys and sorrows suddenly arise, persist and then disappear. The same is true of the material opulence that he can obtain and see disappear without his control.

In truth, if all this happens to us without our having wanted it, it is simply because we control almost nothing. It is Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead who controls, controls and sustains everything, we are all actually under his tutelage.

In truth, God reigns over the spiritual world and the material cosmos, everything belongs to Him. We came into this world with nothing, and it is with empty hands that we will leave it. God directs us through his material energy, better known as “material nature”.

Lord Krishna says in this regard: “The material nature acts under my direction, under my direction it generates all mobile and immobile beings”.

We possess nothing, in truth, except the result of our good and evil deeds, the consequences of which we will certainly suffer.

The Lord gives us this advice: “Whatever you do, eat, sacrifice and lavish, whatever austerity you practice, whatever it is to offer it to me. Thus, you will free yourself from the consequences of your actions, all virtuous or guilty. By this principle of renunciation, you will be freed and come to Me”.

Man is at the origin of the sufferings he endures.

In truth, man is alone at the origin of the sufferings he endures, he is solely responsible for them. Let him not attack anyone, let alone God, for the Supreme Lord does not want him to suffer. It is time for man to access the hidden truths.

In truth, our thoughts, words and actions generate positive or negative effects, which then cause good or bad consequences. It is the acts committed in the past or previous life of a being, which determine the conditions of its next rebirth or reincarnation.

Our sufferings, whatever they may be, are the consequences of the guilty acts we have committed in our previous lives. Whoever does evil in any way, will in turn suffer in his next incarnation, exactly the same. What he has done to others will be done to him in his next incarnation. It then falls under the influence of karma, law action-reaction, law of cause and effect, which renders to each the consequences of the committed acts, positive or negative.

We can hide things from men, to God it is impossible, because He sees everything and knows everything about us. In the same way, we can escape from the justice of men, from that of God it is impossible, for the latter certainly renders its sanctifying sentence.

Reincarnation is a reality. The evidence is all around us, some bodies bear the signs.

Lord Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says, “It is the thoughts, memories of the being at the moment of leaving the body that determine its future condition.

Always fill your mind with Me and become my full-fledged devotee, constantly worship me, and simply surrender to Me. This is the only way to reach my kingdom. Here I reveal to you the most secret of knowledge”.

There is nothing worse than:

Those who see the speck that others have in their eye and who ignore the existence of the beam that they have in theirs.

Who see evil in others, but forget that they themselves are the source.

Who continue to claim that the Supreme Eternal is the God of one people, while He is the God of all people without exception, and the sovereign Monarch of all nations.

Injustices, discord, hypocrisy, indifference, because they breed vengeance, provoke violence, suffering and lead to perdition.

Reducing the sovereignty of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person to a single people, and even worse, denying his absolute authority, is blasphemy, an unforgivable fault.

He who lives according to the teaching of God, who loves all living beings: all human beings without exception, all terrestrial and aquatic animals and all plants, from the blade of grass to the big tree, with equal love, who respects and applies the precepts, commandments and regulatory principles, is not the cause of difficulty, fear, anxiety or discontent for anyone. Even if others try to provoke him, he remains calm, is in no way agitated, because by the grace of Lord Krishna, he has learned not to succumb to the assaults of the outside world, of those who want everything for themselves. and leave nothing to others, who thus spread ignorance and injustice.

There is nothing worse than injustices, because they lead the weak in spirit to revenge, and the latter outcome of ignorance plunges man into moral and psychological disorder, diminishes his intellect, darkens his mind. making him unstable, accentuates his inability to make an objective and fair judgment, to analyze events, leads him to make incorrect and harmful decisions, which cause others to suffer and inevitably lead him to perdition. His next life will be grim and very painful.

Racism, hatred and revenge stir up strife and incite evil, but he who is slow to anger calms disputes. Kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love, cover all transgressions.

This is why God tells us: “The one who never causes agitation for others and who is never disturbed by agitation, who is not affected by joys and sorrows, is very dear to me.

He, envious of nothing, who behaves with everyone as a benevolent friend, who believes himself to be the possessor of nothing, who is freed from the false ego, and in joy as in sorrow remains the same, who is full of forgiveness, who always knows contentment, who with determination is engaged in devotional service, and whose mind and intelligence are in harmony with Me, this one is very dear to Me.”

God commands us not to harm anyone.

Man must not ignore any living being, the celestial beings inhabiting the Edenic, paradisiacal planets, all human beings, white, black, yellow, red, mixed race, all terrestrial and aquatic animals, and all plants, from the strand of grass to the great tree that shelters many living beings, and have equal love for each of them. He must know that in each of these material bodies there is a spiritual soul, and that God resides alongside each of them.

He who loves God also naturally loves all living beings without exception, because he wants the good of all.

The Lord said, “You shall not harm anyone, nor kill.”

Truly, there is no justification for taking anyone’s life away.

Suffering is useful and necessary.

Ignoring that evil acts cause consequences from which we will have to suffer in the future does not allow us to avoid the pain that results if we commit them.

Suffering is useful and necessary, because through the pain felt it allows us to never again harm human beings, animals and plants.

Suffering is useful and necessary, because it allows us to become aware, at the moment we commit an evil act, to immediately put an end to it and never do it again. It also allows us to reduce the mass of evil acts committed in all our previous lives, to erase accumulated sins, to do penance, to repent, to ask for forgiveness, to turn to Lord Krishna, and to live according to his divine teaching.

The Supreme Lord says: “Whether you wash yourself with saltpeter, or whether you use a lot of potash, your iniquity will remain marked before Me.”

There is only one way to erase our sins and remain pure, and that is to renounce materialism, sensual pleasures, self-interested actions, the fruits of our actions, to act only for Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, and to offer everything to Him.

It is also essential that we abandon ourselves totally to God, that we reject evil in all its forms, that we make the firm resolution to obey the Lord, to do his divine will, and to serve him with love and devotion, then our sufferings and our sins will disappear.

Let us act for God, let us be his eternal servants and servants, let us find our original spiritual position, offer to the Lord all our actions and all the fruits that flow from them, as well as our very existence and lives, then we will live in purity, because our thoughts, words and actions will no longer cause effects. Lord Krishna will then give us true freedom, absolute peace and true permanent and never-ending happiness.

God is the Supreme Protector.

For our sufferings to disappear, we imperatively must remove their causes at the root.

All those whom God protects, nothing and no one can approach them, touch them and even less kill them. Similarly, all those whom God wants to kill because of their evil, nothing and no one can protect them, it is impossible.

If we do not obey God, the viruses will return and spread again and again in various forms, in successive waves throughout the earth, natural disasters and wars, will continue.

In truth, nothing is chance, for everything has an original cause, and God is the cause of all causes, Everything emanates from Him.

The mere practice of intellectual speculation, or the fact of embarking on philosophical conjectures, is not enough to free us from suffering and material slavery, if their causes remain. It is necessary first to neutralize the cause of the evil at the root, so that the effect is annihilated and never again generates consequences of any nature whatsoever. And the major causes are the forgetfulness of God, the breaking of the bond and relationship that unites us to Him, the choice to distance ourselves from God and to voluntarily maintain this estrangement, the rejection of his authority, the refusal to obey Him and to serve Him with devotion, the desire to experience the same pleasures as God, and the compelling desire to monopolize what belongs to the Lord.

To permanently neutralize various epidemics, coronavirus, covid-19, various other current and future viruses, global warming, natural disasters such as high heat, drought, fires, devastating floods, torrential rains, high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, intense cold, heavy snow, etc., it is necessary to live according to God’s teaching, to apply his precepts, laws, ordinances and commandments, and to love all living beings of equal love by seeing them all equal: all human beings without exception, all terrestrial and aquatic animals, and all plants in their diversity, from the grass blade to the big tree.

Man, by his disobedience to God, by his refusal to live according to the divine teaching, by his attitude solely focused on the pleasure of the senses and his essentially interested acts, is at the origin of all these plagues.

If we want to put an end to all these scourges, we must remove their root causes.

For this we must absolutely obey God, do His divine will, bind our desires and interests to His, always act as He desires with promptness, and abandon ourselves entirely to Him.

We must absolutely stop definitively and immediately, to abort, to kill terrestrial and aquatic animals in slaughterhouses, in the open sea by trawlers, in fish ponds, aquaculture and everywhere else, at the origin of the animal holocaust, which provokes here and there wars, violent uprisings, where many men are killed in turn as punishment.

We must also immediately ban all breeding of terrestrial and aquatic animals, which inevitably leads to suffering, because there is no animal welfare at this level, and then inevitably to death. Breeding animals and then killing them is criminal.

We must necessarily close all fishmongers, butchers, slaughterhouses and other centers of death, no longer eat meat, fish and eggs, immediately prohibit the consumption of alcohol, drugs and exciting products such as coffee, tea, tobacco, and above all, stop the extraction of fossil fuels, oil, gas, coal.

The cause will then be destroyed, man will no longer live in sin, peace and harmony will reign on earth.

When a nation is governed by the principles of God’s teaching, the consciousness of the Supreme Lord naturally spreads throughout the earth, for the good of all living beings, human beings, animals and plants. This is the perfection of existence.

The dignified, honest and virtuous human being obeys God and does what the Supreme Lord says without failing. God then takes him under his protection.

The Lord said in this regard: “Surrender yourself totally to Me, and I will take you under My protection, I will protect you from all perils. You will know absolute peace, and you will reach My eternal and supreme abode”.

The Lord adds: “I desire to see all the beings of this world happy”.

Jesus was a vegetarian, he practiced spiritual vegetarianism.

Many passages of his teaching were deleted and modified, and additions were made on the orders of the Emperor Justinian, who wanted this new emerging religion to be in line with the one in force at that time. Jesus taught by example, and did not eat meat, fish, and egg. All his disciples and the apostles followed him in this pure way. They were all sinless because they lived according to the teaching of Krishna, God, the Supreme, Primordial, Infinite and Absolute Personality of Godhead.

To know the word of Jesus concerning spiritual vegetarianism, open the book “Do not kill the animals, do not eat their flesh”, page 4 and page 5.

Through spiritual vegetarianism, an expression of the regulatory principles which maintain man in purity, God draws the attention of human beings to non-violence, the protection of all terrestrial and aquatic animals, of all plants, of the sprig of grass to the great tree which shelters many living beings, on the brotherhood, harmony and beneficence which must unite all men without exception, white, black, yellow, red, mixed race, and lead them to achieve spiritual and the purity of being.

Spiritual vegetarianism leads man to love unconditionally and with equal love all human beings without exception, all terrestrial and aquatic animals, and all plants, from the blade of grass to the large tree. These are the reason for being and the perfection of existence.

I am the eternal servant of Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

What does Saul Judoeus mean?

Saul means: Paul

Judoeus means spiritually and literally:

Eternal servant of God. The one with whom God has established an eternal covenant.

He who has formed a bond of eternal spiritual love and an eternal relationship that unites him to God, who is totally abandoned to Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, who serves him with love and devotion, and who walks with Him in fidelity, humility, obedience and respect.

Krishna, as the Supreme Soul that Jesus called the Holy Spirit, dwells in Him.

What Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead taught me, I in turn reveal to you. I retransmit to you his own sublime teaching, as is, without changing, modifying, adding, or deleting anything. I explain the original holy scriptures according to their original meaning, ensuring that you know that Krishna, the Personality of Godhead, is the ultimate goal of all embodied souls in this world.

I have come to transmit to all humanity the perfect eternal knowledge, thanks to which we can know who we really are by rediscovering our true identity, to say why the material cosmos with the innumerable galaxies that float there was created, why we are there, why we must experience so much suffering, so many misfortunes, and why we must reincarnate and die repeatedly.

We will know even more about the repetitive cycle of rebirth and death whose reincarnation is the reality hidden from men. We will know even more about the divine law related to the material nature called karma, action-reaction law or cause-and-effect law, which draws human beings into suffering and conditioning, holding the soul chained to matter. We will know even more about the existence of the spiritual world, the real world where real life is, all of knowledge, bliss and eternity. We will know how he is, the holy beings all eternal servants of God who live there, the absolute freedom that reigns there, and the diversity that composes it. The material universe is a distorted reflection. We will also discover many other subjects.

The science of God is destined to raise the human being from the ignorance of the data relating to existential truth, to virtue. He can then penetrate the knowledge of the soul. Through it, he will learn to continue his spiritual evolution to the level of pure virtue, and to unravel the secret of devotional service offered to Lord Krishna who alone can allow him to approach God, to enter into his absolute kingdom all knowledge, of bliss and eternity, to live with the Lord forever.

Devotional service is the expression and manifestation of love for God. It is the way of the development of love for God in his pure state without the slightest thought or calculation of any kind, it is therefore called, the service of love and devotion. This is the final phase of the way of union and communion with Krishna, God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and is practiced through total surrender to the Supreme Lord.

I have come to render sight to all human beings without exception, to place God in their hearts and minds, to prevail his pre-eminence, his uniqueness, his immutability and his absoluteness.

Words of wisdom, the wisdom of God.

God truly grants intelligence, understanding and mercy to those who walk the path of goodness. He stops the punishments, the torments, and delivers him from the bonds of evil. He delivers him and confounds him by the knowledge of the truth. It becomes the way for those who are lost, knowledge for those who are in ignorance, discovery for those who seek it, sustenance for those who tremble, purity for those who are defiled.

Blessed is he who has opened the eyes of the blind. God is there, and is found by those who seek him.

He who does not seek to know the roots of evil will remain a slave to evil.

He who will not know who he really is, or how he came into this world, will not understand or know how he will go, or where he will go. He will remain a prisoner in this world of suffering.

He who does not reject lust, envy, desire, covetousness, greed, materialism, evil in all its forms, and who does not extinguish anger, closes the doors of truth and goes to hell.

The path to light is surrender to Lord Krishna and the service of love and devotion offered to Him, and pure light is none other than Krishna himself.

Who serves the Lord is freed from his debts.

Whoever practices devotional service in full consciousness of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, automatically discharges all debts to the sages, celestials and ancestors, to whom we are all generally indebted.

Whoever is fully engaged in the service of the Lord no longer has any duties or obligations towards heavenly beings, the wise, his ancestors, his family, human beings and all living beings in general.





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