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By creating this website, I wanted to tell GOD had taught me, thus highlighting what he had said:
What I tell you in secret, say it aloud.

I thus realize the word of Jesus: You will all be taught of God.

Jesus adds: Blessed are those who have heard the word of the Father and kept it in truth.

Let’s find out the absolute truth as it is.

My dearest desire is to bring human beings to know this new sublime knowledge which will allow them to know the true word of God to discover the absolute truth as it is, to correct false interpretations of the word of God, to penetrate the existential truth, to discover God as He never was, and finally, to put them back on the right path, the one that leads to Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, in his Personal, Primordial form, Original, Infinite and Absolute. He is pure Light, Absolute Truth, Sovereign purifier, eternal life and absolute existence, nothing exists outside of Him. The entire cosmic manifestation stays in Him; neither she nor the beings are separated from His Divine Person.

God has an infinite number of Names, but Krishna is the first of them and the most powerful of all, because the Lord has endowed him with power. Krishna is the original Name of God, the Supreme Person, in his primordial spiritual form. This sublime spiritual Name means "the infinitely fascinating", "the one who fascinates infinitely".

Krishna Is God, the Supreme Person, in his Primordial, infinite and Absolute form.

The wonderful revelations the man has been waiting for.

Krishna is the Supreme Spiritual Master, the Supreme Teacher.

The sublime knowledge taught to us by Krishna, God, the Supreme Person Himself, possesses in its essence the purity of Absolute Truth. This word of the Lord is pure, saving, living and eternal. It is heavenly food and divine life-giving drink. It spreads divine knowledge which opens the mind to absolute truth and reveals God as He really is.

Who is fortunate by the grace of God to receive this luminous science, acquires a higher knowledge. Lord Krishna's teaching contains not only the message of all other revealed writings, but also data not found anywhere else, hence its outstanding character.

This sublime knowledge enables us to know all about Krishna, God, the Supreme Person in his Primordial, Original form; to discover the absolute truth, the data relating to the hidden knowledge and mysteries, the secret teaching of the Lord, the answers to all the existential questions that we ask ourselves.

The Lord is so benevolent that He comes personally to this material world to instruct and guide the lost souls that we are. He guides us on how to act in accordance with his word and his will to return to the spiritual world, our original home, where we will enjoy eternal life, all of knowledge, bliss and peace.

It is God who rules the world, not man.

These are the only energies of God that are operating everywhere. The material energy of God is always the same. It takes on different aspects; so because it is not separate from Him, we can conclude that the Lord exists in all things.

Lord Krishna rules the world through his material energy which acts under his authority, in his aspect of material nature. God has set up divine laws, laws forever inviolable that material nature has the mission to enforce. As soon as a human being violates one, he is automatically punished.

It is our iniquitous, evil thoughts, words and actions that are the sources of our own suffering. We ourselves are responsible for what we endure in the form of misfortune and suffering.

God is the Supreme Protector.

Nothing and no one can approach or kill all those whom God protects. Likewise, no one can protect those whom God wants to punish because of their evil.

If we do not obey God, viruses will come back and spread again and again in various forms, in successive waves all over the earth.

In truth, nothing is a matter of chance, because everything has an original cause; God is the cause of all causes, Everything emanates from Him .

The mere practice of intellectual speculation, or the fact of embarking on philosophical conjectures is not enough to free us from suffering and material slavery if the root cause remains. The root cause must first be neutralized, so that the effect is broken, and the major cause is disobedience to God.

The vaccine alone is not enough to permanently neutralize covid-19, the Delta and Omicron variants and various other viruses, current and future, because vaccine protection decreases rapidly, forcing those vaccinated to receive booster doses, which sometimes follow each other closely.

It is imperative to remove the cause, for this we must absolutely obey God, do his divine will, and always act as He wishes promptly. We must also surrender ourselves entirely to Him, and definitively stop aborting, killing terrestrial and aquatic animals in slaughterhouses, at sea, in fish and aquaculture ponds and everywhere else, and no longer eat meat, fish and eggs. The cause will then be annihilated, and man will no longer live in sin. It’s very easy to understand.

The worthy, honest, and virtuous human being obeys the Lord and does what He says without failing. God then takes him under his protection.

The Lord said in this regard: Surrender completely to Me, and I will take you under My protection, I will protect you from all perils. You will know absolute peace, and you will reach My eternal and supreme abode.

The Lord adds: I want to see all beings in this world happy.

I am the eternal servant of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person.

What does Saul Judoeus mean?

Saul means: Paul

Judoeus means spiritually and literally:

Eternal servant of God. The one who has established an everlasting covenant with God.

One who has forged a bond of eternal spiritual love and an eternal relationship which unites him with God, who is totally surrendered to Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, who serves Him with love and devotion, and who walks with Him in loyalty, humility, obedience and respect.

Krishna, in his aspect of the Supreme Soul which Jesus called the Holy Spirit, dwells in him.

I have come to impart to all mankind the perfect eternal knowledge, thanks to which we can know who we really are by rediscovering our true identity, say why the material cosmos with the countless galaxies floating in it was created, why we are there , why we have to experience so much suffering and misfortune, and why we have to reincarnate and die repeatedly. We will know more about the repetitive cycle of rebirth and death whose reincarnation is the reality hidden from men. We will know more about the divine law related to material nature called karma, law of action-reaction or law of cause and effect, which draws human beings into suffering and conditioning, keeping the soul chained to matter. We will know more about the existence of the spirit world, the real world where real life is found, all of knowledge, bliss and eternity. We will know how it is, the holy beings all eternal servants of God who live there, the absolute freedom that reigns there, and the diversity that composes it. The material universe is a distorted reflection of this. We will also discover many other subjects.

The science of God is intended to uplift the human being from ignorance of data relating to existential truth, to virtue. He can then penetrate soul knowledge. Thanks to the science of God the human being will learn to continue his spiritual evolution to the level of pure virtue, and to pierce the secret of the devotional service offered to Lord Krishna who can, alone, allow him to approach God, to enter his kingdom. absolute all of knowledge, bliss and eternity, in order to live with the Lord forever. Devotional service is the expression and manifestation of love for God. This is the way of developing love for God in its pure state without the slightest ulterior motive or calculation of any kind, it is called, therefore, the service of love and devotion. This is the final phase of the path of union and fellowship with Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, and is practiced through total surrender of oneself to the Supreme Lord.

I have come to restore sight to all human beings without exception, to put God back in their hearts and in their minds, to prevail his preeminence, his uniqueness, his immutability and his absoluteness.

Words of wisdom, the wisdom of God.

To him who walks in the path of good, God truly grants understanding and mercy. He puts an end to the punishments, the torments, and delivers him from the bonds of evil. He delivers him and confounds him with the knowledge of the truth.

He becomes the way for those who are astray, knowledge for those who are ignorant, discovery for those who seek it, support for those who tremble, purity for those who are defiled.

Blessed is he who opened the eyes of the blind. God is there, and allows himself to be found by those who seek him.

Whoever does not seek to know the roots of evil will remain a slave to evil.

Whoever does not know who he really is, or how he came to this world, will not understand or know how he will go or where he will go. He will remain a prisoner of this world of suffering.

He who does not reject lust, envy, desire, materialism, evil in all its forms, and who does not extinguish anger, closes the doors of truth and heads for hell.

The path to light is surrender of oneself to the Lord and the service of love and devotion offered to Him, and pure light is none other than Krishna Himself.

Whoever serves the Lord is freed from his debts.

Anyone who practices devotional service in full awareness of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, automatically discharges all debts to the sages, heavenly beings, and ancestors, to whom we are all generally indebted.

Whoever is fully engaged in the service of the Lord, no longer has any duties or obligations towards heavenly beings, wise men, his ancestors, his family, human beings and all living beings in general. (Srimad-Bhagavatam 11.5.41)





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