Do Not Kill The Animals, Do Not Eat Their Flesh
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2. The Supreme Eternal said. 17. The consecrated meal first offered to God makes us immune to material defilement.
4. Even Jesus forbids eating meat in these terms. 17. Yes animals are sensitive and they suffer like human beings. We must takecare of them, and protect them...
5. Even the apostle Paul gives this wise advice. 18. It is written.
5. Vegetarian Christians. 19. Animals and plants also have the right to live.
6. Even Buddha brings this clarification. 20. Animals and plants also have a soul
6. Teaching of the Supreme Eternal 21. Eating animal flesh causes disease.
6. Concerning spiritual vegetarianism, the original holy scriptures teach. 22. Let us no longer eat terrestrial and aquatic animal flesh.
7. The Kasher Method. 24. The hell of the slaughterhouses.
8. Christianity and the New Testament. 24. Gandhi and Vegetarianism...
8. Vegetarianism and Islam... 25. Words of wisdom...
9. Buddhism and Compassion. 26. By the pandemic linked to the current coronavirus, the Supreme Eternalgive a warning to human beings; stop aborting, stop slaughtering animals,and do not eat no more meat, fish, and eggs.
9. Regarding food, the Lord teaches. 28. The Supreme Eternal says.
11. The Supreme Eternal specifies. 29. Whoever kills a human being or an animal will be killed in turn.
12. We reap what we sow. The divine laws which prevail in all the universe prevailover the human laws. 30. The killing of animals in slaughterhouses, fish and aquaculture ponds is themajor cause of all conflicts.
13. Let's embrace spiritual vegetarianism... 31. All living beings, humans, animals and plants interact and fulfill a useful role for others.
14. The awakening of consciousness, the Lord assures us. 32. Those who desire to attain the total perfection of existence should lenda submissive ear to words pertaining to the entertainment and the spiritualand absolute attributes of the Supreme Lord, who always acts in a wonderful way.
15. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person is vegetarian. 34. This is how to work in the consciousness of God.
16. Thou shalt not kill 35. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person described by the words below, the spiritualperfection that can be experienced even in the material universe.
38. Krishna, God, the Supreme Person is vegetarian, like Him, let us adopt spiritual vegetarianism.
60. Disobedience to God, the rejection of his laws, his word and his teaching are at the root of the deterioration and degeneration of human civilization.




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