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Revelations of the Avatar(*) Vyasadeva, who compiled all the Vedic Scriptures, [from the Vedas, the original holy scriptures also called “the true gospel”], wrote, composed the texts, divided the different chapters, formed the many branches, and wrote commentaries on a very large part of Srimad-Bhagavatam, [Words of wisdom, the wisdom of God], in order to explain the levels the highest of absolute truth. This masterful work which is the ripe fruit of knowledge brings about the highest spiritual realization and understanding of ultimate reality, absolute truth or Krishna, God, the Supreme Person. He made knowledge more accessible and understandable to the multitude, and especially to those with a low intellectual level, and above all revealed Krishna, God, the Supreme Person as He really is.

The prophecies of which I reveal the content below, are of Sukadeva Gosvami, great wise scholar, great authority in matters of spirituality, also called “father of religion”. He is the son of Avatar Vyasadeva, and received the teaching of Srimad-Bhagavatam from his father while he was still in his mother's womb. Its revelations depict future events which will take place on earth until the end of the present age and then continue in the ages to come, and evoke the future of our galaxy.

Data revealed in the four chapters below. below

Predictions concerning the degeneration of human civilization in the continuation of time, until the end of the present age.

Kalki, the Avatar to come, the expected Messiah.

The future Manus or fathers of mankind, and the future appearances of Krishna, God, the Supreme Person, in the guise of Visnu or Avatars.

In truth, the process of creation and annihilation of the galaxy is endless. This is why there is no final end of the world.

(*) [Avatar, literally: who descends. God, one of his plenary emanations or one of his representatives, "descended" from the spiritual world into the material universe to accomplish a particular mission or to restore the principles of religion]




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