The Divine Messages
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Whoever wants to abandon vice must replace it by virtue.


The disciple James said :

“Yet truly, each one is tempted by his own desires, having been enticed and drawn away.
Thereafter, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin. Yet truly sin, when it has been
consummated, produces death.”
It often happens that men act under the impulse of their unhealthy desires.
Under the influence of sin, the desires are amplified and can have very adverse
Although we inherited the original sin of our first earthly parents, I of course, said Adam and
Eve, this does not mean that we should hold it against them, or that we should abdicate our
own responsibilities, exculpate us or blaming them for our bellicose actions.
Our adverse actions prove where necessary, that we have the full responsibility for them, since
we are the authors of the disastrous effects which they generate.
As such, it is right that we are been charged with the original sin, and that it is the basis or
the starting point of awareness to lead us to radically change behaviour, by penetrating fully
the divine word , and by understanding the warnings of GOD precisely.
In this case, we can not speak of original sin inherited, because just like our first parents, we
all deserved this punishment.
It belongs to us now to erase the original sin by purifying our spiritual mind, and by
destroying all the impulses that lead us to sin.
Let us seek GOD first, because he’s really the way and the life, the safest way, and let us set
up the virtue.






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