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If we refer to the sacred books, data that I fully share, God from the beginning in the Garden
of Eden, then during the installation of the couple Adam and Eve on earth has been in
constant contact with them, marking his interest in mankind.
However, this frequency was essentially intended to help them correct their mistakes
committed earlier, but also evolve in their new environment, and to enter new data. God and
hoped that our first parents reportedly aware of the true reasons for their expulsion from the
Garden of Eden, and thus they would be able to reject evil in all its forms, and mainly, they no
longer meeting the demands of satan.
Having children now, they had a new responsibility of importance, of transmitting to their
offspring the actual data, just, healthy, on the existence of God. Celestial bodies, the universe
and spiritual education to help them free themselves from evil, to resist being unclean source
of misfortune, the man who hates and wants to ruin, Satan, knowing that they changing now
in the material universe-bit where they are imprisoned, and where they are by their behavior,
their actions are free.
If early contact was easier between God and Adam and Eve, because they were aware of the
reality of spiritual entity, who still remember the living expenses of their previous residence in
the spiritual world. God spoke to them as spiritual beings, and has never been otherwise. This
approach continued with relatives descended from our first parents, and it gradually faded
because of non delivery of instruction of truth in the chain of descent from the first couple on
Thus little by little, the first inhabitants of the earth, the descendants of Adam and Eve,
spreading over the entire surface of the earth, have lost all bearings, all realities, wandering
aimlessly, the truth has completely disappeared of the collective consciousness of memory,
the contact with God was therefore discontinued, and this lack of transmission of data related
to truth, reality has persisted over time. Men growing and evolving in complete ignorance of
celestial data.
Man has thus continued to evolve in an environment devoid of reality, a total lack of
knowledge, where knowledge bases were simply non-existent and / or data concerning not
only the reality on the creation of our universe, the various celestial universe, the existence of
God, let alone those of the celestial bodies, education on the rationale for his presence on
earth, but the purpose it was set was regard to his spiritual evolution. Consequently, reality
has set its own existence, linking it to his environment, his space, his world, his world, he
believes now unique.
If one looks at Darwinism, referring to the slow evolution of species, it is clear that in this
respect it is not wrong. The body of man from the beginning of his presence on earth today
has undergone a slow evolution. This added to the lack of data related to knowledge, science,
technology, is confined in the dark, forcing him to start over, repeating like a child, teaching
focused on discoveries based on nothing .
Therefore, the evolution of man has had the knowledge base, also a slow discovery of actions
and effects on the environment, minerals, plants, its similar to the thought, but speculation,
assumptions have gradually given way to certainty that persist today. Added to all this chain,
a total loss of memory of his own reality of spiritual entity, having finally identify with his
body, cutting off the network and especially spiritual knowledge heavenly. It was indeed
locked in materialism, remaining a prisoner of this universe-bit hardware, which is itself
isolated or marginalized, see the antechamber of the real main spiritual universe. The
previously maintained contact with God is no more.
The man followed from the time a slow increase, which was both that of his body, but also
and especially that of knowledge, seeking to answer many questions of life, including those
concerning its own reality, its presence on earth, the universe, etc. ...






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