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Some Asian religions speak of God in terms of praise, and described as follows:
BEING represents the power, the "absolute" as the source of the universe, the first principle.
SPIRITUAL ENTITY, INFINITE BEING, eternal, ineffable, present in all creatures.
If I penetrate deep into the philosophy and cosmology of Asian religions, I realize that the
people of this geographical region have sought early on to know God better, and the only real
divinity, entering its reality.
It is even said this:
DIVINE ENTITY, both stable and perfect, immanent and transcendent, which is derived from
the creative principle of all things, including the matter itself.
It is this creative force, qu'émergèrent different particles and elements that gave birth to the
binary world of ours, both visible and invisible, or matter and antimatter, just to
interpenetrating form one, while having two sides and separate or autonomous teeming life.
The creative principle has also established the source of knowledge or emanation of universal
knowledge, that relating to the universal conscience and those relating to the mental.
Recognizing that the human soul is derived directly from SUPREME GOD.
Hinduism provides the key states like to support my comments:
SOVEREIGN GOD, which knows no definition agree. He is a nobleman active and inactive,
interior and exterior.
The purpose of this definition makes me think of the hidden words of Christ, revealed to
Thomas the Apostle.
"Why do you wash the outside of the cup? Don't you understand that the one who made the
inside is also the one who made the outside?". What is remarkable about these writings is that
depth, this narrowly, this approach real GOD. The priests of this early period, those who
introduced him to this religion men began to describe the SOVEREIGN GOD as well and
proved they were very close to him, is somehow the first to be approached d 'so close.
True, he is hardly given a penetrable, understandable to ordinary people. They were really not
far from describing God in its reality and fullness. The men, unable to penetrate this mystery
and thus refer, preferred, either simple or justify their actions, either for convenience, stop at
the gates of accepting the understandable absence of superior beings, that they called Gods.
Thus we find:
GOD the creator of heaven and earth.
GOD holder of universal knowledge of divine secrets.






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