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Then going back ages, are made up of religious brotherhoods, operating in a vacuum, which
vowed course worship one or more deities, the occult powers. These gods had their own
powers and had already, though shaped by man linked to a residential area different from that
of humans.
We already are Coming, the belief in a divine being created by man, endowed with will, but
do not enter the field of transcendence, extended knowledge of heaven, yet unknown to those
religious congregations.
Then much later, wisdom penetrating the inner being of some 'enlightened', emerges the
hypothesis of the existence of one God, creator of all things and mankind.
Since new issues emerge and gradually raised to worship the One God moved. Thus was born
the resurgence of divine knowledge. Data for the truth about existence could again spread
over the surface of the earth.
It is a fundamental fact which must be revealed to men is that concerning the lighting of
spiritual knowledge brought to the attention of men. No man, in his imperfection, not
previously purged its spiritual essence, can not penetrate the divine knowledge, much less get
in connection with the divine consciousness and receive knowledge.
The revelation is made mainly by GOD, and only by him, and transmitted to humans who
have reached a state of arousal, and thus able to transmit to men hidden knowledge.






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