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Writing a book about God, or talk about him is something obvious to a believer, but also from
the author, to show affection towards him. It also exorcise the taboos, all misunderstood or
distorted ideas about him, but also the core concern of raising its profile in silencing criticism
and the deniers to say he exists, cause I met him.
I write about God not only for the reasons mentioned above, but also and especially because I
am among those who are entitled to know. Another reason not least, like the fact that I had
small honor to meet and get his aid, advice, lessons, props in my trials and difficulties.
On the other hand, he allowed me to see hidden things, to meet those men called angels.
These gave me the honor and privilege to discover data related to the incarnation. I can in that
capacity say that I got the rare advantage granted by God to men, to penetrate this mystery.
What I say is true and demonstrates the reality of what Christ says when he states: "I give you
what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no hand has touched, which is not entered in the heart
of men."
This book also aims to respect the wish of God, on which we have accrued in relation to men
teaching us that the creator prodigal.
Did he not say:
"What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from
the housetops."
Obviously the question does not arise regarding the believers because they know, but atheists
deserve our attention. They are in my eyes, blind and deaf. How can one not believe in the
Holy Spirit.
Many Holocaust deniers claim that everything is a coincidence, and follows a slow but
progressive evolution. But finally, as far as I am concerned, it is a notorious aberration. How
to think that the universe is the fact of no divine intervention?. Let us dig this subject. As far
as scientific datas are concerned, our universe is the resultant of the big-bang, the latter
resulting in the formation of our universe and everything in it, Now we all know that the big
bang is neither more nor less than a gigantic explosion. Even there, opinions differ, some
scientists argue that this explosion was the size of an atom, that is to say tiny. Regardless, this
explosion would have followed a slow and gradual expansion of our universe. Now we know
that for an explosion to occur, there must necessarily be a convergence of elements of
particles that enter into contact, causing the explosion. According to researchers, the moment
that preceded the big bang plunged into nothingness.
My question is simple.
Whence came these particles?
It was necessary that they come from somewhere. They necessarily have an origin, and that's
the bottom hurts, because scientists do not respond, and some for spurious reasons, refuse,
however current data do not permit. However, researchers build assumptions, up to admit the
existence of other mother universes.
Regrettably, there will always be materialists men who like Saint Thomas will say:
" If the scientists cannot explain the origin of the big-bang, then we shall wait before
pronouncing us. In the meantime, we leave the principle that the origin of the world is due at
random ".
What a sadness! This shortsighted distressing concerns me. How can we not believe in a
divine origin?
In their researches concerning the mass of the universe, the astrophysicists arrived at the
conclusion that he was to be binary, because a big part of this mass is missing. Our universe
thus has by deduction a visible face and the other one invisible, both parts inter-penetrating.
It is not because the man cannot answer all the questions, resolve all the equations or the
enigmae, because it is necessary to claim arbitrarily that the creator, the supreme God does






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