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Talking about God is even more difficult than I will have imagined, because I wanted to be
both respectful, honest, accurate while saying that he really is.
For thousands of years, whenever the man of God spoke, it was so vague and superficial in
terms of design, reference, attitude and behavior type. Throughout history, when studying the
evolution of peoples, it is clear that there is no room for complacency. The word of God has
never been respected. There were only desolation, chaos, destruction, speculation, war and
The emphasis has never been on a construction of evolutionary thinking, morality.
Socrates once said in his time:
"How sad that the man has very little progress in terms of morality."
This truth is still relevant today.
Given this intellectual desolation, the darkness of mind, this denial of truth, it was necessary
that the Divine Being to intervene to make known to men the rules of conduct, as well as
tables of the law in order to allow the emergence of a stable nation, and the establishment of
specific data to provide men with the weapons necessary for their spiritual development, and
awareness of the existence of negative forces, brakes any spiritual elevation. Since the
beginning, God has constantly to prevent the men, asking them to leave, to abandon this
darkness, intellectual confinement in which they are confined, and no sense of reasoning in
which they are immersed.
Attitude which does not allow them to see something other than the material universe in
which they are confined, and which they believe to be the only ones.
God has always wanted men to know that other universes exist, but also make them aware of
their reality, that is to say what they really are, namely spiritual beings identical to him. I
personally prefer the term spiritual entity. But before going further, which is GOD?
I must admit that it is with great emotion that I will try to answer this question. The reasons
which lead me there are many, but the main belong to the feelings and the ultimate desire of
raising its profile, while saying the denial that there really.
What I say is true, since I know him because he is my father. If I said otherwise, I am a liar.
My other wish, bring undecided skeptics, atheists to reconsider their position, providing an
explanation again on my father, so they no longer deny its existence and like me they finally
YES, we know God.
Hinduism says of him:
"It has taken everything down here, everything moves in the universe in motion. The acts do
not affect the essence of his being. Unique and moving, it moves faster than thought.
He did not move, and yet it transcends all those who are. It is activated and not activated. It is
far and near. It lies within everything and outside everything.
It is bright and bodiless, it can not hurt since it is not flesh and bones. We can not defile him,
since evil can not reach. It is knowledge and not knowledge, both. Who will know death
through knowledge, and the unknowing gain immortality.
One thing is sure, men have always had a false idea of God, and have a misrepresentation.
Thus the painters of the Renaissance by ignorance, represented in the guise of an old man
with long hair and a long white beard.
All this of course is wrong because it is not so. As much as you know, time does not affect it.
God is spirit, and remains SUPREME SPIRITUAL ENTITY.
This data is incomprehensible to men, either because they have not yet achieved the ability to
understand, or because the knowledge developed by humanity does not allow it. In my
opinion, doubt is the result of reflection for not believing in something, for reasons of crass
materialism, but also in terms of our lack of knowledge. Is this a flaw to recognize that we do
not know something, rather than deny the evidence for no apparent reason?






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