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Since ancient times, when man is aware of its limitations in solving specific problems or
provide solutions to specific situations, he has continued to pose a number of existential
questions. Given the emerging vacuum of his mind, he sometimes awkwardly tried to give
answers like:
Are we the only intelligent and thinking beings on earth and the universe?
Was there a beginning, if so how to explain it. And if there was a creator?
Very quickly this has given major germinated in his mind up to be obsessed and become
obvious. How could it be otherwise. We come from somewhere, he should ask himself,
because how can we justify the existence of our planet and everything in it, the various plants,
rivers, mountains, animals and even more men.
And the sky he said, he has had someone creates all these galaxies with their processions of
stars, the sun, the moon ...?
After being tortured mind to think, going all the cases reviewed, it had to go obviously, he
could not imagine it otherwise. I can not bring myself to believe he said that all this is a
coincidence. How to believe in a slow natural mutation, not original source of divine order.
Yes, God does exist, but where is he and where he lives?
Perhaps we have already met without knowing it, he should ask himself.
By moving around the planet earth, we can see that the men through the ages and continents,
have given a shape and a different name, using it for various materials. We are witnessing the
birth of idols, the false god who flourished in antiquity and until not so long ago. These deities
created by man, sought simply to fill a void, and answer to no obvious to him.
In fact the approach of humans this time follows an intellectual sense, to fill a space on their
lives, their presence on earth, their relationship with the divine, see their real reasons for
being. They therefore felt the urge in some circumstances to obtain the help of these deities,
not only for their personal well-being, but also to enslave their fellow citizens by highlighting
the teachings of that god created from scratch in him conferring powers imaginary. We can
see from alleged priest character supposed to be connected, in contact with this hypothetical
God. To be listened to and respected, they have introduced a range of directives, prohibitions,
rites, to the people to join, then to believe in the supernatural powers of divinity, but also to
those whom God He was granted.
We have been able to attend to human sacrifices to appease the supposed wrath of the gods,
but in order to get them many benefits. The intervention of the gods, however many. We note
that the peoples of Africa, the Pacific, America, often using them in all areas of life,
particularly to bring down rain, fertility, fertility, healing diseases, enslavement a clan, etc. ...
The various deities were themselves frequently placed under the authority of a supreme God.
We're back to the starting point. Even if this information was sometimes admitted, many
people were content to deify beings with supernatural powers, without being able to
demonstrate the existence of a supreme being. This idea has also been ignored for centuries.
Penetrate for a moment the mind of men of that time, and look for different reasons that led
them to make idols, and to the divine.
We note initially that they were in a state of extreme destitution intellectual, and thus unable
to respond to major aggression constant some of them, and thus regulate their behavior. Then
bring the desired therapeutic solutions to many different diseases that often decimated all. On
the other hand, the absence of rules preventing the clan leaders to channel the actions of their
subjects. We must also understand that at that time, the disease almost always had a
supernatural origin. For these people, the primary source of these had no connection with the
microbial factor, this data was then ignored.
The rationale of divine spirits, was to rule over the various phases of daily life, channeling
migration flows and to secure them by placing them under a protective cloak salutary.






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