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How in these conditions, answer these questions, without a solid foundation with respect to
the truth.
We are witnessing the emergence of data all the more outlandish than the other. But how in
these circumstances, claim that such and such are based on a reliable basis or not, real or not.
It has been a plausible starting point, thus gradually clan chiefs have set up arbitrary rules
based on the foundation of their power, creating any number of false gods, including the
reasons multiples of their arrival, consisted primarily to maintain their hegemony over their
people and thus better to enslave them.
Strange as it may seem, the man in his ignorance, seemed to perceive the existence of a higher
power, and needed to cling to this idea, hence the appearance here and there, gods
multifaceted faces and various powers. Everything of course orchestrated and nurtured by
shamans, sorcerers, medicine men, healers, priests self-proclaimed, with powers, quotes,
communicate with deities and which they hold a special knowledge, that they put the mission
of serving the people.
Consider how an invisible god, the source of ALL, in a world of palpable matter in a universe
governed by the material.
The man has naturally created false gods, the various representations, depending on the
geographical continents, manners, etc ...
The people in ignorance of spiritual information, not trying to know or understand the reality
of this divine place, the origin of planets, let alone the universe, not to mention the rationale
for its own existence and confident leaders, clan leaders or priests, were right, quite naturally
followed the movement, taking at face value the allegations of religious adhering blindly to
their guidance, finding nothing to complain about the sudden appearance of these strange
They must certainly have the powers attributed to them wondered men.
Is it different today?
Some scientists, not least, for example deny that our material universe-bit has a beginning. I
mean, the moment that preceded the Big Bang.
Even today in some parts of Africa, South America or the Pacific, it is not uncommon for men
to use the marabout and other witches, so that they intercede for them to close hypothetical
gods, ancestors and other deities were born from the fertile imagination of shamans, to get
them benefits, healings, expectations, or actions based on materialism or with intent to gratify
the desires pernicious.
The man lived for a very long period in the absence of actual data spiritual, based on the truth
of existence. Therefore, self-proclaimed priests have created a climate of suspicion based on
the cult of secrecy. Nobody of course should know that the link they maintain with the false
gods are based on wind, on arbitrary data and is based on rituals invented from scratch. It was
unwise to reveal the character and the virtual absence of these false gods. The fallacy of
intention should never be revealed because it was necessary for leaders to impose a policy to
the people, by rules and guidelines and directive, require him to comply with orders, to better
manipulate and make people ignorant.
The men then through the centuries, shaped the gods according to their ideals, often based on
speculation, hypocrisy, cynicism, lies, and sometimes to fill a void. It is true that among men,
one or two enlightened beings posed the right questions and lack of accurate data, raced in the
design of false gods to make a realistic response to desideratives the people.
These gods had fashioned for basic design, nature, environment, a mythical character, and
foundation, a spiritual lack, and that it is supposed supernatural powers. At that time, men
needed to cling to something, to imagine a power greater than man, to pursue certain values,
certain ethics, hence the multitude of gods that emerge in the world.






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